Coding workshops for
students in the triangle area.


Build A Website

Coming Soon!

Learn the building blocks of web development while creating your own website. Students will learn HTML, CSS and bits of JavaScript to launch them into the creative world of web development.

Some of the awesome things your child will learn while building a website:

  • Create a website that you are proud of.
  • Learn the building blocks of all websites and apps.
  • Deploy a live site that you can show off to your friends.
Intro To Drones

Coming Soon!

In this beginner friendly program, your child will learn the fundamentals of programming through hands-on experimentation with drones. We will be using a visual coding platform, while gradually increasing their critical thinking skills through interactive play. They will learn a ton and have a blast doing it.

Some of the awesome things your child will learn how to do with their drone:

  • Program a drone’s flight path from takeoff to landing
  • Program flips, turns and other stunts
  • Integrate loops and variables to make geometric patterns
  • Take an aerial picture and share it with the class
Intro To Jewelbots

Coming Soon!

In this beginner friendly, girls only program, students will be introduced to programming the fun way by sending secret messages to their friends! Jewelbots is an exciting new bracelet built on top of the Arduino platform, which makes it super easy to start coding. Unleash your girl power while learning how to code!.

Some of the awesome things your child will learn how to do with their Jewelbot:

  • Send secret messages to friends
  • Notify and detect friends that are near by
  • Personalize their Jewelbot to match their style
Creativity Unleashed

Carolina Code Club was created to inspire kids to imagine, build and create awesome things. It is a place where creative minds come together to dream, make friends and learn the universal language of code.

Daniel Sullivan

The Benefits Of Learning To Code.

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Coding is a team sport. Every significant piece of technology that we use was built by a team.


Learning to code gives students the tools to express themselves. If they can think it, they can create it.

Have Fun

Watching your code turn into a website, app or game is just plain fun.


Daniel is the founder and main instructor at Carolina Code Club. He is a former professional baseball player and special education teacher. He holds a masters degree in special education from George Washington University and is a former Flatiron School instructor and current Sr. Curriculum Engineer at Trilogy Education. He lives in Raleigh with his wife Danea and daughter Prim Rose.

Danea is Daniel's wife and co-instructor. After 15 years in the corporate business world, she decided to switch her focus to coding. She loves helping students realize their potential while unlocking their coding super powers.


Classes will be held at The Mothership in Durham.
401 W Geer St, Durham, NC 27701

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