Carolina Code Club was created to inspire kids to imagine, build and create awesome things. It is a place where creative minds come together to dream, make friends and learn the universal language of code.


Coding is a team sport. Every significant piece of technology that we use was built by a team.


Learning to code gives students the tools to express themselves. If they can think it, they can create it.

Have Fun

Watching your code turn into a website, app or game is just plain fun.


Daniel is the founder and main instructor at Carolina Code Club. He is a former professional baseball player and special education teacher. He holds a masters degree in special education from George Washington University and is a former Flatiron School instructor and current Sr. Curriculum Engineer at Trilogy Education. He lives in Raleigh with his wife Danea and daughter Prim Rose.

Danea is Daniel's wife and co-instructor. After 15 years in the corporate business world, she decided to switch her focus to coding. She loves helping students realize their potential while unlocking their coding super powers.

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